Amplifier Game Invest hires Mikael Rudberg and Tim Glaus. 

Amplifier Game Invest, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, is expanding its team of experienced Executive Producers and Business Development staff by hiring Mikael Rudberg and Tim Glaus.

Mikael Rudberg joins Amplifier after 8 years at Electronic Arts, where he has been Senior Development Director at EA DICE, Motive Studios and Ghost Games, for titles like Battlefield V, Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefront 2 as well as Franchise Development Director for the Need for Speed series. Mikael joined the game industry as a Project Manager at DICE in 1997, and with his unparalleled experience in effectively guiding and mentoring development teams, he will provide a strong addition to the Executive Producers at Amplifier Game Invest.

Tim Glaus has previously been working at different investment companies and was very active as a founder, investor and COO in the Swiss start up and game investment scene. Tim has built companies like Alethena, and acted as a strategic advisor to several game developers. With a background in economics and finance and with a solid mix of market analysis and business savvy, Tim will boost and broaden the Amplifier Game Invest team’s business intelligence and business development efforts.

“As we continue to invest in fantastic indie game studios, it is natural to expand our organization, to maintain and increase our service and value add to our partner studios. With a small team, we need to find not only the most talented people, but also people who share our vision, our desire to help game developers reach their dreams and their full potential. With Mikael and Tim, we believe Amplifier Game Invest has found the perfect addition to the team.” says Per-Arne Lundblad, CEO of Amplifier Game Invest.

With the completion of this recruitment, Amplifier Game Invest, one of five operational groups within the Embracer Group, expands its team from 4 to 6 experienced game- and business developers.