Encouraging employees to take action against any violation of the Embracer Group Code of Conduct

As part of the Embracer Group, Amplifier relies on the collaboration of its employees in the event that they witness serious violations. Embracer and Amplifier explicitly encourages employees to approach supervisors and/or compliance officers if they detect any conduct in violation of the Code of Conduct. We have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment and a strong belief in diversity and inclusion.

We strive to maintain transparency as well as a high business ethic. Reports on violations of the Code of Conduct are in our interest. If the concerns are of a sensitive nature or a serious deviation from our Code of Conduct, we encourage our employees to report alleged wrongs through our external whistleblowing service (Whistle B).

Doing the right thing

We safeguard the right to anonymity when using our whistleblowing service. When reporting via Whistle B, there is no need for proof, but reports must be made in good faith. Access to messages received through our whistleblowing channel is restricted to appointed individuals at Embracer Group AB (the parent company) with the authority to handle whistleblowing cases. Their actions are logged, and inquiries are confidential.

For more information and to make a report, visit:

Whistleblowing guidelines Embracer.

Movies describing how to use the system here: https://whistleb.com/the-service/intro/