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New Acquisitions, New Staff!

Vermila Studios and Rare Earth Games joins Amplifier Game Invest - Also: Meet our new Staff!


Since 2016 we have been hard at work finding and investing in some of the most talented start up teams in the game development industry. We believe we have found a unique way to help teams grow and reach their vision.


We provide funding for equity in you, ensuring that your studio can develop games and grow your business.

Long-term commitment

Game development is a marathon - not a sprint. We ensure our partnerships are long-term commitments, and we want to grow with you.


We have over 50+ years of Game Industry experience in code, design, art, biz-dev, marketing and production.


We are driven by a strong will to help others succeed and we will support you in every imaginable domain of your work.

Meet the Amplifier Team

Our team with more 50+ years of collective game industry experience are always there for you

How we work


At Amplifier Game Invest we strive to become the leading investor and business partner to the most talented start up game companies in the world.

In order to reach this goal we believe we have a unique proposition to game startups – We offer financing, coaching, a vast industry network, game development experience, delivered in a very personal way.


  • A team that has that special something
  • A team that wants to create fantastic and high quality game experiences
  • A team that is as passionate for games as we are
  • A team that wants to grow as a team, company and as game developers
  • A team that is humble and open for advice, coaching and feedback


We pride ourselves in being a very active partner! Our goal is to make sure that you get all the support in order for you to unlock you true potential. This is why we communicate with most of our partner studios at least once a week.

See us as a big toolbox, if you wish, filled with a wide array of tools at you disposal. We can coach and advice you on everything from game design, production development, programming, marketing, community building. Furthermore you will get access to our huge network of industry contacts.

Stronger together

We are big believers in cooperation and knowledge sharing! That is why we always encourage our partner studios to collaborate with each other and we are happy to see this is happening all the time.

We actively work to make sure that there is a bond between our studios. At conferences we make sure that the present studios get to meet each other, and each year we arrange Amplifier Game Days – Our internal conference where representatives from all studios meets up for a 2 day workshop.

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