Goodbye Kansas Game Invest becomes Amplifier Game Invest

Goodbye Kansas Game Invest was fully acquired by Embracer Group in August 2019. In order to better reflect the new ownership, and to clarify the company’s core mission focus, the company is now changing its name. The new name is Amplifier Game Invest AB.

“We wanted the new name to reflect the core of our business” says Per-Arne Lundberg, CEO of Amplifier Game Invest, “Our focus remains the same – To enter long-term partnerships with talented game developers across the globe and help them to reach their goals. They are the stars and our job is to amplify their work, team and business.” 

The game industry has seen very strong growth over the last decade, and has seen a large number of investments, mergers and acquisitions. There has also been several new game developers starting up every year.

“2020 will be an exciting year for Amplifier Game Invest.” continues Per-Arne Lundberg. “We already view ourselves as the most ambitious and most indie-friendly equity investor in games, and we will continue to work with our current partner studios as well as to help talented teams to start-up their business and invest in already existing game companies”

About Amplifier Game Invest

Amplifier Game Invest seeks out and invests internationally in the most talented game teams and game studios in the business. The goal is to, by contributing game development experience and expertise, build long term success for the companies, and better, more successful games. Amplifier Game Invest is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and currently has 7 active game company investments in the Nordics region.