We here at Amplifier Game Invest are hiring!

It is time to expand our team and we have now posted two job openings where we hope to be able to attract some of the finest people in the Game Industry!

As a Project Manager at Amplifier Game Invest you will be supporting us, a growing group of game industry experts in our ongoing work with the Amplifier partner companies (13 studios as of January 2021) and our interactions with the global game industry in the search for new partner companies. An ideal candidate for this role would enjoy embracing the constantly shifting business landscape of the games industry, while remaining structured enough to shape Amplifier internal processes and projects for future growth.

As an Executive Producer here, your role will cover a large area of responsibilities. You are expected to support our Partner Studios in their business and project planning (including budget), you will weigh in on efficient workflows and processes, on matters of game design and market suitability and comment on suitable new studios for Amplifier to invest in. An ideal candidate for this role will have several years experience as a producer or project manager in the games industry, including a few years in a senior role, a candidate who is now enthusiastic about helping others realize their visions. Since we are a small team who cover a lot of ground, we are also happy to see applicants with a strong secondary skill set, perhaps a career within Art, Game Design or QA before turning to production.

Check out our Career Page for more information, and to apply for these job opportunities!

We hope to hear from you soon!