Today is a huge day for us at Amplifier Game Invest

As part of the large Q1 report from our parent company Embracer Group, we at Amplifier Game Invest have had a large number of announcements. In this post, we will try to summarize the media drop and show how we have been expanding our offering and our capacity during the last 3 months.

To start off, we have acquired two new fantastic game studios. This in itself is huge for us. Welcoming a new studio into our family of game teams is a big step for us and to have two teams join us during the same quarter makes this a very happy day indeed.

The first of the two game studios is Vermila Studios, a Madrid-based studio building a fantastic horror-adventure game, Crisol: Theater of Idols, set in the ancient town of Tormentosa. (Click for more details)

The second game studio is Rare Earth Games, based in Vienna. A great team, who have been working together in different companies for many years. (Click for more details)










We have also increased our investments in two of our existing partner studios: Palindrome Interactive and Kavalri Games.

In the case of Palindrome Interactive, we have acquired the full studio, making Palindrome a wholly owned subsidiary of Amplifier Game Invest. The Palindrome team are soon to release their first game, Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars, and are working on their next unannounced game, together with the Embracer Group publisher Coffee Stain Publishing. (Click for more details)

With Kavalri Games, we have increased our ownership stake to 40% with a 6M SEK investment, to support them in their work to wards a 20221 soft-launch of Equestrian the Game. (Click for more details)

As we at Amplifier Game Invest now grow to 12 partner companies, we need more staff. So we looked high and low for new top talent to join us. We don’t only have to find people with the right skillset for the job, but we also need to find highly experienced people who share our view of inclusive and sustainable game development. This search went on for a long time, but we are now happy to announce that Mikael Rudberg and Tim Glaus have joined our team of Executive Producers and Business Developers. Mikael joins us after having the role as Senior Development Director at DICE,  having worked on games franchises like Battlefield, Battlefront, Mass Effect and Need for Speed. Tim has been active in the Swiss investment and startup scene, and will join us in a Business Development capacity.  (Click for more details)

With these new acquisitions, the follow-up investments, and the hiring of new staff, we Amplifier Game Invest are happy to put a bow on our first year as part of the Embracer Group. For those of you who have followed our journey this far, we thank you and we will do our best to make the next year even more exciting.