We here at Amplifier Game Invest want game developers like YOU to be able to make YOUR dream games. We want to provide a financially stable path for YOU to build your #GAMEDEV Studio.

(This is a copy of our Twitter Thread from 22th February, 2021 – hence the odd formatting)

We are receiving lots of pitches from game companies looking for funding. And that is great. We love them. However, we would like to share a bit of info into our second model of #investing in #gamedevs.

Many creative and talented game developers are hesitant to start their own studio. “It is very insecure”, “I need a steady paycheck”, “I’m a creative #gamedev, I can’t (or don’t want to) run a business”, “I’m not good enough”. We at @AmplifierGI have a solution.

Another frequent view is “We would have to make small (or cheap) games, because we have no money”. We at @AmplifierGI have a solution for this. We call the format a “Startup Subsidiary”

What is a “Startup Subsidiary”? Basically: We start a studio, do the legal stuff, and YOU (and your team) join as employees to run the studio. We pay YOU market level salaries from Day 1 (so no starving #startup stage), benefits & vacation.

This also allows us to find those of you in AAA teams, who have your own ideas of what making games should really be like. We want to reduce the financial risk YOU need to take. We can start you up with a minimum of hassle, with a good salary, as long as we agree on your vision.

We want YOU to make YOUR game. The creative freedom should stay with YOU – fully. We will have to agree on the business case, but the #GameDesign is yours. We will agree on the pace of studio growth.

We ensure that YOU are funded, with office, hardware, salaries, benefits, etc, for the long term. We build plans together and the budget is worked out together – when we have agreed upon what games you want to make. 

We are game developers ourselves. We want to make sure that the deals we put in place are the type of deals we would want to see if the tables were turned.

This format allows YOU – the game developer – to make your own games, without limiting your creative vision. If you want to grow to a 10 or 30 people studio? Let’s do that, let’s check the business case. If you want to be small? Easy-Peasy!

We at Amplifier Game Invest will work with YOU, to support YOUR needs. We have experience as Producers, Programmers, Designers, and will assist you with BizDev, Tech, Marketing, Community, Finance, etc.

Your Studio will be treated as YOUR autonomous Studio – YOU can be the CEO or you can hire a Studio Manager to do the executive and managerial stuff – and we trust YOU to run the daily operations and build YOUR game with YOUR team

Your Studio will be part of the Amplifier Game Invest group (13 studios and growing) but you will also be part of the Embracer Group organization, 5000+ game developers, 20+ publishers, world wide.

So, what about the money? What if your game is super-successful? If the company makes good money, there will be bonuses for you and your team. We will agree on these bonus systems beforehand. For the long term, we want everyone to make money on making the games of their dreams.

What if the game is a complete, tragic disaster? (Hopefully, this won’t happen, we have all worked together to make the game awesome, right?) Well, we believe in you. If we commit to the investment, we are set on supporting the studio long term. “So, what’s YOUR next game?”

We have started 3 studios like this already, and we are looking to start more. We love this setup. It’s a “Low Risk, Good Reward, Good Salary” setup for developers, compared to the “High Risk, High Reward, No/Low Salary” of a traditional startup.

If this sounds interesting to YOU, please let us know. Our DMs are open on Twitter or you can reach us on our “Pitch-Us” website: https://www.amplifiergameinvest.com/pitch-us/  

We’ll invite you to chat with our existing studios as well, we believe transparency is important