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We here at Amplifier Game Invest are hiring! It is time to expand our team and we have now posted two job openings where we hope to be able to attract some of the finest people in the Game Industry! As a Project Manager at Amplifier Game Invest you will be supporting us, a growing group of game industry experts in our ongoing work with the Amplifier partner companies (13

Amplifier Game Invest forms a new Swedish game studio – Plucky Bytes.  Amplifier Game Invest, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, forms a new game studio in Karlstad, Sweden, together with Douglas Furén and Will Jordan, seasoned developers with a combined experience of 30 years in the games industry. The new studio is based on a pioneering investment model, where Amplifier Game Invest establishes and funds the company, provides a wide

Amplifier Game Invest, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, fully acquires Silent Games, a UK based studio founded by Sally Blake and Joseph Rogers, experienced developers and award-winning mentors within the British game development scene. The acquisition marks the first investment by Amplifier Game Invest in the British Isles, one of the strongest hubs for Game Development in the world. “Silent Games embodies the kind of company we love to support.

Today is a huge day for us at Amplifier Game Invest As part of the large Q1 report from our parent company Embracer Group, we at Amplifier Game Invest have had a large number of announcements. In this post, we will try to summarize the media drop and show how we have been expanding our offering and our capacity during the last 3 months. To start off, we have acquired

Amplifier, together with Embracer Group,  fully acquires the 10 person strong game development studio Vermila Studios. With this acquisition, Amplifier Game Invest extends its existing network of highly creative game studios and is looking forward to a very fruitful, long-term partnership with the Spanish studio.  “The team impressed us from the start with their high ambition and their gorgeous graphics. We are always happy when we find a team so

Amplifier Game Invest acquires Rare Earth Games, a new Vienna-based game studio.  Amplifier, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, acquires Austria-based Rare Earth Games, founded by a team of highly experienced industry veterans. The acquisition marks the first investment by Amplifier Game Invest in Austria, and Rare Earth Games will focus on action-packed multiplayer game titles for PC, Consoles and Cloud services. “There are times when we meet a group of

Amplifier Game Invest increases its ownership in Kavalri Games.  Amplifier Game Invest, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, increases its ownership share in Kavalri Games, a Stockholm-based game studio, currently developing Equestrian the Game. With this increased investment, Amplifier Game Invest solidifies its long term support for the studio, and ensures that the team can hire the staff needed for a successful launch.The investment amounts to 6 million SEK (680k USD).

Amplifier Game Invest acquires Palindrome Interactive. Amplifier, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, acquires the remaining 50% of the shares  in Palindrome Interactive, a 14 person strong game studio located in Skövde, Sweden. The acquisition makes Palindrome Interactive a fully owned subsidiary of Amplifier Game Invest. “Palindrome Interactive is a fantastic example of how we want to operate: We find a talented team with high ambitions and big dreams, we support

Amplifier Game Invest hires Mikael Rudberg and Tim Glaus.  Amplifier Game Invest, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, is expanding its team of experienced Executive Producers and Business Development staff by hiring Mikael Rudberg and Tim Glaus. Mikael Rudberg joins Amplifier after 8 years at Electronic Arts, where he has been Senior Development Director at EA DICE, Motive Studios and Ghost Games, for titles like Battlefield V, Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefront

DESTINYbit is an innovative game studio, based in Ravenna, Italy. With their upcoming game launch of Dice Legacy, and their experience as game developers, the studio has proven themselves to be one of the most interesting small developers in Italy. This acquisition also represents an expansion to  southern Europe for Amplifier Game Invest. “The team behind DESTINYbit is very passionate and efficient, and we have found a group of developers