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We at Amplifier Game Invest are happy to announce that Linn-Marie Edlund has joined our team of Executive Producers. Linn-Marie have previously worked with Project Management, Inclusion and Diversity within Game Industry projects in northern Sweden, as well as being Project Manager and Marketing Director for Nordsken, one of the largest game festivals in Scandinavia. “It feels exciting to work with some of the best in the business. I will

Goodbye Kansas Game Invest byter namn till Amplifier Game Invest Goodbye Kansas Game Invest förvärvades i augusti 2019 till 100% av Embracer Group AB. För att tydliggöra förändringen i ägarstruktur, och för att tydligare markera inriktningen på kärnverksamheten, byter nu bolaget namn. Från och med idag heter bolaget Amplifier Game Invest AB.   “Vi ville hitta ett namn som beskriver vår verksamhet bättre.” säger Per-Arne Lundberg, VD på Amplifier Game Invest.

Goodbye Kansas Game Invest becomes Amplifier Game Invest Goodbye Kansas Game Invest was fully acquired by Embracer Group in August 2019. In order to better reflect the new ownership, and to clarify the company’s core mission focus, the company is now changing its name. The new name is Amplifier Game Invest AB. “We wanted the new name to reflect the core of our business” says Per-Arne Lundberg, CEO of Amplifier