We at Amplifier Game Invest are happy to announce that Linn-Marie Edlund has joined our team of Executive Producers. Linn-Marie have previously worked with Project Management, Inclusion and Diversity within Game Industry projects in northern Sweden, as well as being Project Manager and Marketing Director for Nordsken, one of the largest game festivals in Scandinavia.

“It feels exciting to work with some of the best in the business. I will continue to serve as a node for the growing Games Industry in northern Scandinavia, while being an integral part of the ongoing work of Amplifier Game Invest.” says Linn-Marie Edlund.

Linn-Marie will work closely with all of Amplifier’s company investments, currently 7 game companies across Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Her unique competence and experience will add great value to areas where Amplifier previously have lacked dedicated expertise: Marketing, Public Relations and Community Management, as well as Communications and Event Planning.

“We have gained one of the warmest and most engaged persons within Swedish Game Culture, while simultaneously widening our offering to our partner companies. Our goal continues to be to become the most attractive equity investor in Game Companies in the world and with Linn-Marie on board, we are taking a large step in that direction.” says Per-Arne Lundborg, CEO Amplifier Game Invest AB.