Amplifier Game Invest is expanding its team and growing their number of senior game development producers working with their partner studios with the hiring of John Wikberg as Executive Producer.

John Wikberg has worked 15 years within the games industry, in roles covering QA Lead, Game Designer, Producer and Development Director. John has most recently worked at Electronic Arts Gothenburg, as producer and development director on the four most recent Need for Speed titles. With his strong eye for both product quality and production planning, he will make a significant addition to the Amplifier Game Invest production team.

Following our remarkable growth during the last 15 months, with 8 new fully owned partner studios in our group, we are happy to be expanding our team of Executive Producers, the team that works the closest with our studios. Being able to bring in John, with his long experience and deep understanding of game development, will make our partner studios stronger and the game experiences they deliver better” says Per-Arne Lundberg, CEO of Amplifier Game Invest.

John Wikberg will be part of the Production Services branch of Amplifier Game Invest, working together with Lawrence Poe and Dan Thronström to support the 14 studios that make up the Amplifier Game Invest group.

I am very excited to be joining Amplifier Game Invest. I feel our vision and values are a perfect match. The opportunity to be working within this growing group of energetic and talented teams is fantastic.” says John Wikberg

With the completion of this recruitment, Amplifier Game Invest, one of eight operational groups within the Embracer Group, expands its team to 10 experienced game- and business developers.

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