Amplifier Game Invest increases its ownership in Kavalri Games. 

Amplifier Game Invest, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, increases its ownership share in Kavalri Games, a Stockholm-based game studio, currently developing Equestrian the Game. With this increased investment, Amplifier Game Invest solidifies its long term support for the studio, and ensures that the team can hire the staff needed for a successful launch.The investment amounts to 6 million SEK (680k USD).

We are very pleased with how Kavalri Games is growing as a studio and their planned trajectory for their upcoming game. This follow-up investment in the studio and the team shows our continued support and dedication to a long term collaboration”, says Per-Arne Lundberg, CEO of Amplifier Game Invest.

Equestrian the Game is a mobile game, focused on the dream of a life with horses. Kavalri Games are planning to soft-launch the game in 2021, and is already seeing a vast community fan-base for Equestrian the Game, with metrics indicating a high level of engagement among their enthusiastic fans.

“To be able to continue to work this closely with Amplifier Game Invest helps us maintain our focus on making the game as good as possible.” says Molly Ericson, Founder and VP of Kavalri Games

Kavalri Games is a partner studio to Amplifier Game Invest AB, and together with 11 other game development companies, they make up the Amplifier family. Amplifier Game Invest is one of the five operating groups within Embracer Group.