Amplifier Game Invest acquires Palindrome Interactive.

Amplifier, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, acquires the remaining 50% of the shares  in Palindrome Interactive, a 14 person strong game studio located in Skövde, Sweden. The acquisition makes Palindrome Interactive a fully owned subsidiary of Amplifier Game Invest.

Palindrome Interactive is a fantastic example of how we want to operate: We find a talented team with high ambitions and big dreams, we support them both financially and with our long experience as game developers, and we evolve together with the team, building a long term collaboration for the future.” says Per-Arne Lundberg, CEO of Amplifier Game Invest.

Palindrome Interactive has been partially owned by Amplifier Game Invest since 2017, and are currently in the process of releasing their first game, Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars, on 28 August, on the PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms

The creative team at Palindrome is currently working on the studio’s next title, an as of yet unannounced strategy game, which has been signed to be published by Coffee Stain Publishing.

We at Palindrome Interactive are incredibly happy to now fully become a part of the Embracer family. Having worked closely with Amplifier Game Invest for a number of years, we look forward to how this acquisition can accelerate our growth, strengthen our team, and support our projects. We believe this will aid us in our mission to become a world class studio, responsible for some of the worlds’ greatest strategy games” says Johan Ahlgren, CEO of Palindrome Interactive.

Palindrome Interactive now becomes a fully owned subsidiary of Amplifier Game Invest AB, and together with 11 other game development companies, they make up the Amplifier family of game studios. Amplifier Game Invest is one of the five operating groups within Embracer Group.