Amplifier, together with Embracer Group,  fully acquires the 10 person strong game development studio Vermila Studios. With this acquisition, Amplifier Game Invest extends its existing network of highly creative game studios and is looking forward to a very fruitful, long-term partnership with the Spanish studio. 

The team impressed us from the start with their high ambition and their gorgeous graphics. We are always happy when we find a team so skilled in marrying intriguing gameplay with delightful visuals. The game is instantly recognizable and will find an audience among players of games like BioShock and Outlast”, says Per-Arne Lundberg, CEO of Amplifier Game Invest.

Vermila Studios is currently working on their first production, Crisol: Theater of Idols. The game is a first-person horror adventure set in the town of Tormentosa, an Hispanian village with an ancient past, with captivating visuals based on warm Spanish red and gold colors.

The two founders of Vermila Studios, David Carrasco and David Tornero have worked together since 2017, and have created a diverse team of talented Spanish game developers. The Crisol IP is developed in the studio and the team is eager to expand the concept further in the future, opening the possibilities for strong sequels in the Crisol universe.

We at Vermila are a team fueled by the flames of passion and, with Amplifier supporting us, we will build the foundation of our future – Crisol: Theater of Idols; more than a game, the inception of a universe born from our inner fire. ” says David Carrasco, CEO of Vermila Studios

Vermila Studios becomes a fully owned subsidiary of Amplifier Game Invest AB, joining the ranks of 11 other game development companies already part of the Amplifier family. Amplifier Game Invest is one of the five operating groups within Embracer Group.