DESTINYbit is an innovative game studio, based in Ravenna, Italy. With their upcoming game launch of Dice Legacy, and their experience as game developers, the studio has proven themselves to be one of the most interesting small developers in Italy. This acquisition also represents an expansion to  southern Europe for Amplifier Game Invest.

The team behind DESTINYbit is very passionate and efficient, and we have found a group of developers eager to create experiences far beyond the beaten path. They have the ability to innovate within both game design and expression, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.  We at Amplifier are both impressed and entertained”, says Per-Arne Lundberg, CEO-Amplifier Game Invest

DESTINYbit has a team of 4 talented developers, organized around a distributed studio structure. Their upcoming game, Dice Legacy, will introduce players to a dice-based survival city-builder, set on a ring-world soaring through space.

The approach that Amplifier has to investments is truly one of a kind and we’re honored to become part of such an incredible family. We bring a strong and unique vision to the table and we’re extremely grateful to have found a partner that believes in it. We also believe this represents an important moment for the Italian development scene and we’ll do our best to carry our flag”, says Gian Paolo Vernocchi, CEO and Founder of DESTINYbit

With the acquisition of DESTINYbit, Amplifier Game Invest is expanding its reach, enabling further investments and acquisitions in markets beyond Scandinavia and North America. By engaging with developers on a wider scale, Amplifier Game Invest positions itself to become a top-of-mind equity investor in the games industry.

When we first saw the initial version of Dice Legacy, we knew that we had found something unique. A gem of a game. The DESTINYbit team had found a unique theme to a game mechanic as old as humankind – regular dice.” – Henrik Jonsson, Executive Producer, Amplifier Game Invest

DESTINYbit becomes a fully owned subsidiary of Amplifier Game Invest AB, joining the ranks of nine other game development companies already part of the Amplifier family. Amplifier Game Invest is a subsidiary of Embracer Group.