Amplifier Game Invest acquires Danish game studio Invisible Walls

Amplifier Game Invest, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, acquires Invisible Walls, an independent PC and Console game studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Invisible Walls becomes Amplifier’s first fully owned game studio in Denmark, and brings expertise within the social strategy game genre into the Amplifier Game Invest group.

We always look for teams that manage to create fun and engaging multiplayer experiences that stand out among the competition, and with Invisible Walls we have found a fantastic studio to bring into our group. We are excited to see how Invisible Walls can shape and lead this genre in the future”, says Per-Arne Lundberg, CEO of Amplifier Game Invest.

Invisible Walls was founded in 2017, by Sebastian Bevensee, David Heldager and Niels A. Wetterberg. In 2021, the team released the game “First Class Trouble” on PC and PS+, reaching over 1,5 million players with their unique social strategy game. The 15 person team is now working on a new cooperative multiplayer game centered around social skills and strategic thinking. The team continues to cater to a modern streaming audience, by making games as fun to watch as they are to play, based on their own original IPs. 

“Joining Amplifier Game Invest is a fantastic next step for Invisible Walls. Becoming part of a group with a lot of great competencies, studios and partners can really help fuel our ambitions as a game studio. With Amplifier, we will be able to leverage our experience with social strategy games and explore the next steps in catering to popcorn gamers in a way that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible.”, says Niels Wetterberg, CEO of Invisible Walls

Invisible Walls becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Amplifier Game Invest AB, joining the ranks of 18 other game development companies already part of the Amplifier group. Amplifier Game Invest is one of the ten operative groups within Embracer Group.

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